Benjamin Franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That same philosophy can be applied to car care. It's always best to clean the car's exterior as soon as possible after a environmental assault, for instance waiting for hundred's of bugs to bake on the cars finish before having the vehicle cleaned and detailed, is the worst thing a car owner can do. You should recognize that regular service will promote better performance, for longer life and a higher resale value for your car. Maintenance should not stop under hood. 

Today's automotive paints are assaulted daily by more environmental contaminants than ever before. Paint's old enemies like sun, dust and bird droppings have been joined by more "modern" threats like chemical pollutants, acid rain, and industrial fallout Timely and regular detailing will keep the finish as healthy and beautiful as the day it was driven off the showroom floor. Likewise, interior surfaces need regular maintenance.

Leather, fabric, plastic, and vinyl surfaces will all look, smell, and feel better longer, when properly cared for. So it makes sense to think of "service" in a new way; not just as mechanical maintenance but appearance maintenance as well.

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