Important Information To Keep In Mind
When Purchasing a New Vehicle

By Steve Kenyon, Master Detailer


Contempory hi-tech paint systems, despite the number of layers, usually have one basic area of repairing the outer coating. That outer clear coating is the basic defense coating. Its job is buffering the pigment coat(s) from damaging ultraviolet rays. The professional at TEDROW'S AUTO SALON knows that most of today's vehicle finishes have a "clearcoat" layer of protection on the outermost surface applied over a color pigment. They designed this paint finish system to offer greater resilience, and optimizing depth and clarity. Clearcoat paint systems are typically softer, due to the nature of their composition. Urethanes are more resilient with a somewhat more impervious skin. They chip less and bounce back from minor blemishes more freely, but as all softer surfaces do, clear coats scuff easily. Scuffs cloud the clearcoat system. Improper washing causes scuffing. Inexperienced detailers without the knowledge of the new high-tech paint may be using abrasive compound and improper polishing procedures. This will cause swirls in the finish due to their wet look.

Keep this information in mind when picking an Exterior paint color. Dark colors need more maintenance. Swirls appear more prevalent in darker colors. Lighter or neutral colored paints are more forgiving. Think of paint protection as a buffer coating between Vehicle finish and the environment. Recognize that a application of a quality paint sealant like. Meguiar's products will stop premature aging to the paint finish.

Exterior Color: I do not recommend using a car wash annually with a dark colored exterior, neutral colors do not show scuffing and hazing caused by most car washes. Hand washing and drying is the best method to keep your paint looking new. TIP: Be sure to pick up touch up paint from dealer when you pick up your new vehicle. Keep in glove box for detailer.

Interior Color: A Lighter color interior shows' soiling and wear and tear quicker than a darker color. Tip: (when dirty feet are getting into your car, turn your carpet floor mat over to the rubber side up or better yet store those new factory mats. Purchase a set of rubbers mats. Find a set with a tall outer ridge around the perimeter of the mat. This style of mat will hold debris within mat. Good investment in Oregon with those wet soggy feet. Reinstall those new factory mats in vehicle in summer or when selling or trading vehicle. Light gray is the worst color for interior color if you have kids, dogs, eating, coffee etc. Be sure to have fabric protection applied to your interior, this is a very good investment, protects against stains and soiling setting in. Cuts down on wear. TIP: Cracked window's especially in summer. Toxic fumes come from new carpet upholstery and so forth. These fumes collect on the interior glass if not ventilated.

Most Important: Things to do with a new car is having a professional detail shop like Tedrow's Auto Salons apply protective coatings to the paint and fabric or leather. Yearly detailing protects your investment from premature aging. This should be done in the spring or early summer every year. You need to recognize that regular Service will promote better performance, longer life and a higher resale value for your car. 

Maintenance Should Not Stop Under The Hood! 

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