By Steve Kenyon, Master Detailer

1) As a professional detailer for 22 years the #one thing that does the most damage to automotive's paint is parking underneath trees. Tree pitch is high in acid. It will etch into your vehicle's paint. Bird droppings also will etch finish. Always wash the car when possible after parking under trees.

2) Improper Washing. Car wash brushes can scratch the factory clear coat. A hand wash or brush less car wash is best.

3) Following to close to the vehicle in front of you can cause the paint to chip. 

4) Avoid setting any objects on your paint surface, clear coat paints scratch easily.

5) Be sure the vehicle is always dried after washing. Minerals in all ground water will leave unsightly water spots in glass and paint. Very difficult and costly to remove mineral spotting. ( Minerals are in tap water, even stronger in well water.)

6) Use that garage, try to park your Vehicle out of sun. UV will deteriate the Vehicles factory finish.

7) Vacuum Upholstery regular, dirt and dust is a wear factor on carpet and upholstery. Use a soft horsehair paint brush to dust dash vent areas.

8) Apply tire dressing to a applicator sponge or rag. Then apply to tire. Never spray tire dressing directly on tire this will leave dressing on wheel, dust and dirt and brake dust will then be attracted back to wheel.( Always wipe off excess dressing on tire) 

9) When applying paint protection at home I recommend Meguiar's products. Avoid getting wax or sealant on rubber and vinyl.

10)  Call Steve at Tedrows to schedule your annual Full Interior/Exterior Detail.


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